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Location, location, location. You must’ve heard that before. But that’s because, much of the time, that’s what real estate is all about. And never is it more true than when you’re buying a home. As a certified Real Estate Agent, I have the local knowledge, skills and experience to help you through the buying process. From property hunting and price negotiations to mortgage offers and legal paperwork, I’ll help you meet your goals, whatever they may be. Your dream home is waiting and I can’t wait to help you find it.

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Buying: Buying Process


There’s a lot to know when it comes to buying a home in Fairfield County, CT.  Understanding the details of the local community, identifying the size of home, style of home and setting, and of course, organizing a budget - these are all important details to consider. Whether you’re a first time buyer, looking for a bigger house or downsizing, I’m here to help you every step of the way. At COCO Homes, our goal is to provide you with expert, caring, and candid advice throughout one of the most important transactions in your life. That our my commitment to you.

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Buying: Buying Process

Stages of The home Buying Process

  • The first step in buying a new home is for us to identify the neighborhoods you want to live in. Save your favorite homes, then add them to a collection where we can comment and collaborate together.

  • Get Pre-Approved

  • Why should you get pre-approved? Simple - to determine what you can comfortably afford. It also allows us to move quickly when we find the right house.

  • Tour Homes

  • Let's arrange to visit the homes you're most interested in, together and in-person, to determine the best fit for you.

  • Make an Offer

  • Once you've narrowed down your list and have a clear favorite, we're ready to make an offer on a home.

  • Home Inspection

  • A professional home inspection, which discloses vital information about a home, is a must before finalizing your purchase.

  • Execute Contract

  • Once the offer has been accepted it is time to go to the contract phase.

  • Home Insurance

  • Home insurance protects your new home and belongings from accidental damages. Make sure you insure your  home with a plan that fits.

  • Home Warranty

  • Secure a home warranty to maintain the essential, major systems and appliances that can be costly to repair out of pocket.

  • Close

  • Your new home is close at hand! Let's get ready to gather the required documents, sign the paperwork, and hire a mover.

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